ThermoHelp Corporation offers a full range of custom designed removable and hard insulation. Our customers have realized the benefits from insulating their plant equipment with industrial insulation. Many of the benefits from using our industrial insulation are listed below.

Insulated plant equipment leads to hotter steam, in hot applications, and colder chill water, in cold applications, while at the same time lowering fuel consumption of the plant.

The fuel conservation from the application of our industrial insulation also significantly lowers plant operating cost by saving money on fuel and energy. As a result of the fuel savings and lower energy consumption, the greenhouse gas footprint of the plant is reduced. The savings is so significant that in most cases, our insulation will pay for itself in less than a year.

Industrial insulation plays an important role in protecting personal and plant equipment. Uninsulated hot piping, valves, pumps, and instruments are a likely cause of burns for plant personal. By insulating hot plant equipment, overall safety levels are improved. Uninsulated piping can pose a danger during cold weather due to the possibility of equipment freezing. By insulating plant equipment from the cold, freeze damage and unscheduled maintenance downtime is minimized.  Also, the application of insulation reduces noise levels from vibrating plant equipment reducing the noise exposure.

A common problem for plant equipment is corrosion. Our removable industrial covers are designed to prevent moisture from being trapped on the outside surface of equipment by breathing. Also, the Teflon coating on inside layer of our covers acts as a corrosion inhibitor. Before insulating chiller or condensate lines, it is recommended to apply two layers of enamel paint to protect the underlying equipment from corrosion.

To meet ANSI/ASME A13.1 Color Designation Pipe Marking requirements, our insulation is available in standard colors. Applying new insulation to old plant equipment can improve the aesthetics of the existing facility and improve visual identification of critical plant systems. Also, all our insulation is marked with stainless steel tags, identifying the location and associated equipment. The tagging enables proper re-installation by unfamiliar personal. The tags also expedite the replacement of damaged insulation by identifying the exact Work Order Number, traceable in our computer system.

For equipment requiring regular maintenance or inspection, our removable covers grant easy access. They are designed to attach using Velcro belts and Q-Hooks, greatly simplifying installation and removable. All our covers are custom fit to the specific application, making it possible to install or remove them without any special tools or skills.

Leaks in piping and equipment can be detected without removing insulating cover by applying a leak sensor. Leak sensors are available upon request.