Cold Service

ThermoHelp can provide thermal insulation covers or hard insulation in the temperature range of -180 – 32 F. ThermoHelp thermal insulation covers outer jacket is available in standard colors to compile with ANSI/ASME A13.1 Color Designation Pipe Marking requirements. Below is a material selection guide for cold service thermal insulation covers; our engineers will advise you of the best option for your particular application.

Temperature Range: –180 – 32 ºF

Pumps, valves, receivers, line flanges, piping & piping spools, elbows, sight glasses, filters, and pressure vessels are the usual equipment that operates in this range. Cold applications usually are for ammonia, nitrogen, and chilled water systems.

Inner Jacket 14 oz. Fiberglass Cloth Coated with Silicone (or Teflon, or Aluminum)
Outer Jacket 14 oz. Fiberglass Cloth Coated with Silicone (or Teflon)
Insulation Core 2″ Thick Armoflex
Sewing Thread Fiberglass Thread Coated with Silicone
Attachments Belts with Stainless Steel D-rings and Velcro Hooks & Flaps
Terminal Ends Fiberglass Cloth Coated with Silicone with Nomex Draw Cords
Tag 304 Stainless Steel Embossed Lettering


For sight glasses and gauge covers, ThermoHelp uses 3/16” thick Soda-Lime Tempered Glass window.

For applications which require hard insulation, ThermoHelp uses Armaflex, Black Foam, and Rubaflex. Hard insulation thickness can vary from 1” to 4” based on application. ASJ, stainless steel, or aluminum is used for the outside jacketing.