Saved by Insulation

A few years ago, an interesting incident happened at a gasification and alternative fuels research facility that is worth recounting here. During a run, the operator noticed an unusual faint red glow emanating through the seams of our insulation. At the time, our insulation was applied on the main sections of a research synthesis gas combustion chamber. The operator instantly went to check all the instruments but the processes read normal. At a loss for what was going on, he resolved to check the combustion chamber after the run was over and the equipment had cooled down.

How it Works

Heat is the transport of energy due to a temperature difference between different amounts of matter. Heat can leave the system through conduction, convection, and radiation. With respect to heat transfer, when the amount of heat entering a system and leaving the system is the same the temperature will be at a steady state. Insulation lowers the heat transfer rate by adding a material to the system with a low conductivity (K Factor) and thus increasing steady state temperature and minimizing heat loss.


ThermoHelp Corporation offers a full range of custom designed removable and hard insulation. Our customers have realized the benefits from insulating their plant equipment with industrial insulation. Many of the benefits from using our industrial insulation are listed below.

Insulated plant equipment leads to hotter steam, in hot applications, and colder chill water, in cold applications, while at the same time lowering fuel consumption of the plant.