Saved by Insulation

A few years ago, an interesting incident happened at a gasification and alternative fuels research facility that is worth recounting here. During a run, the operator noticed an unusual faint red glow emanating through the seams of our insulation. At the time, our insulation was applied on the main sections of a research synthesis gas combustion chamber. The operator instantly went to check all the instruments but the processes read normal. At a loss for what was going on, he resolved to check the combustion chamber after the run was over and the equipment had cooled down.

To melt the chamber, the operating temperature must have reached over 2450 °F. Upon further scrutiny, it was determined that the insulation held the process together so well that it mitigated the failure of the chamber, protecting the operator and saving the neighboring equipment. After all of this came to light, the operator noted that the most amazing thing about this incident was how little damage there was to the insulation itself.
Insulation is not just an energy conservation consideration. This is one of many examples where our insulation has conserved energy and served to protect personal and equipment. We pride ourselves on the quality of our insulation and strive to provide a product that meets our customers’ requirements and exceeds their expectations.