Industrial Painting

ThermoHelp provides three types of industrial painting:

  • Cold Application (-200 F >)
  • Hot Application (< 900 F)
  • Color Coding/Rust Protection

If the equipment has been previously painted or is rusted, the existing paint/rust must be removed. This is done by wire brush, sand blasting, or dry ice blasting. After the old paint/rust has been removed, the surface is primed.

The one or two coats of new paint, based on customer requirements, is rolled, brushed, or spared on. Average full coat dry thickness of the paint is 2 mils.
For cold applications, it is important to paint piping and other equipment before insulating to prevent trapping of moisture or condensation.
Paints are available to meet all OSHA color codes and ANSI/ASME A13.1 Color Designation Pipe Marking color requirements.